About Us

My name is Chelsea, and I am a wife, mother, and labor and delivery nurse. I began this journey in 2018 when my husband and I began discussing starting a family. I began researching all I could to improve my fertility, health, and ensure the best outcomes for my future children. I became horrified with the toxic ingredients found in most skincare and personal care products. While there were cleaner options out there, nothing seemed to align with what I was looking for in terms of both price and quality of ingredients. So I decided to make my own.

This company is a dream born out of the desire to create human safe products that can be used on the entire family, while also supporting local farmers who are making a difference. 

We are a small batch, handmade, organic skin care company utilizing local ingredients to create human safe, nontoxic skincare. We focus on using tallow and lard from organic, regenerative local farms. Each of our products is handcrafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality.