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Wildflower Tallow Butter

Wildflower Tallow Butter

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Our newest product, Wildflower, is meant to serve our most sensitive population: babies, young children, and pregnant/nursing mamas. I wanted to create something that you didn’t have to question, something you knew wholeheartedly would be safe for your little ones as well! This product is near and dear to my heart, because it was born out of so much love and research. The ingredients are simple, but the impact is extravagant. Wildflower combines, healing plants infused in moisturizing jojoba oil and nourishing tallow to create a truly beautiful product. This product can be left unscented or organic lavender essential oil can be added

Ingredients: Tallow from grass-finished cows, cold-pressed jojoba oil* infused with lavender*, calendula*, and chamomile* 

Lavender scent will add lavender essential oil*

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